For Greater Bands


One of the key aspects of Tau Beta Sigma is service to the University of Pittsburgh Varsity Marching Band. This is done through a number of activities which range from direct hands on activities to service outside of the Pitt Band. Here are some of the biggest performed throughout the year. 


 ​Every year TBS is in charge of the uniforms for the Pitt Band. In August, the sisters need to fit every band including returning as well as new members with a uniform. In addition to just fitting the band member, they also need to hand out all of the necessary uniform parts like a helmet and spats. Following the season, normally in January, the sisters need to collect the uniforms. This entails sorting all of the necessary parts and folding all of the uniforms neatly until next semester. 

Pitt Band Thanksgiving

​Each year in mid to late November the sisters of Gamma Omega hold a thanksgiving for the entire Pitt Band. Each sister makes and contributes a dish for the dinner. The sisterhood then charges a small fee for band members to eat the dinner and the proceeds go to a local food shelter. The entire band is always very appreciative and really likes this event


Every year, sisters of Tau Beta Sigma volunteer at the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra for a program called Fiddlesticks. At Fiddlesticks we teach children from the ages of 2-6 all about different forms of art.

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